The Journal

Bukker Tillibul was first published in 2004. At the time, the main goals of the journal were to provide Swinburne postgraduate students in Writing with an outlet for their work and to promote a dialogue for academics across disciplines. A lesser, though not inconsequential goal was to foster links with the wider community, and this is why a link was made with the local publication Woorilla.

In 2007, the editorial board felt that Bukker Tillibul needed to be revamped, i.e., it needed a new focus and broader forum. The number of postgraduates had increased dramatically, academics were debating issues of research quality, creativity and assessment, whilst students and supervisors were trying to devise a model for practice-led research. The question of practice-led research had been vigorously discussed for some time in professional journals and at conferences of the Australian Association of Writing Programs. Here was Bukker Tillibul 's obvious new focus.