Bukker Tillibul

The Online Journal of Writing and

Practice-led Research—ERA accredited

ISSN 1835-0836

Bukker Tillibul is a refereed journal with an international refereeing board. It has operated since 2004 and provides the discipline of Writing (both creative and professional) with a much needed forum for discussion and debate. While all submissions are valued, it is especially aimed at postgraduate students and early career researchers. It fosters research quality framework outcomes for students and staff engaged in research in this discipline.

Bukker Tillibul welcomes scholarly essays on practice-led research, fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and reviews. It also encourages pieces of ‘creative research in action’ which foreground the act of art-making. Works are published online as soon as they are refereed. As an online journal Bukker Tillibul has the flexibility to reach across borders and to connect creators and researchers across the world.

Practice-led research is now an established field which invites further academic insights into and explanations of just how practice operates in the production of knowledge. Conceptual and theoretical frameworks provide a means through which to discuss practice as research and to locate the enquiry within the context of historical, socio-political and contemporary ideas relating to practice and poetics. While there are journals that specifically invite intellectual exchanges between researchers on practice-led research such as TEXT, New Writing and In/Stead, none of these target postgraduates and early career researchers. Bukker Tillibul fills this gap.

Higher Research Degrees in Writing are increasingly led by practice. An articulation of their process and its significant moments through the exegesis or research paper is essential to locating creative work within the field of practice and theory. It is also part of the replication process that establishes Writing as a stable research discipline able to withstand peer and wider assessment and hence be validated alongside other fields. With the implementation of the various Quality Frameworks across the globe, it is of critical importance that HRD candidates as well as academics be offered the possibility to publish their research as well as their creative work in specialised journals. Bukker Tillibul fulfils this aim.

Bukker Tillibul is also refereed in its Creative Writing pages (poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction). This is because for the purposes of the Quality Frameworks, the definition of research is consistent with a broad notion of research and experimental development comprising ‘creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge’. Indeed, increasingly creative work is granted the status of creative writing research if published in a refereed journal. This is by no means an established trend, but it is developing globally and it underpins our MA(Writing) and PhD by artefact and exegesis. The reviews section, ‘All shook up’, is not refereed, but offers contributors freedom to express, discuss and exchange their views.